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Sunset Nice Enterprises has operated continuously since 2005 but pivoted to a cryptocurrency-focused stance around 2015. Founder Greg Thomas possesses a Certified Bitcoin Professional credential along with a Master's Degree in Communication Management. He is also the organizer of the Studio City Cryptocurrency Traders & Investors Meetup, a partner group to the Traders Meetup group based in Woodland Hills, CA. This is the fourth iteration of Sunset Nice dot com; the current revamp was completed November 1, 2020.

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Nice to meet you, virtually

COVID-19 has largely quieted the ability to hold in-person Meetup events, but the discussion board at the Studio City Cryptocurrency Traders & Investors page remains active. View the discussion on Meetup dot com and feel free to submit a membership request.


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For the first time ever, state and national election results are being recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, thanks to a collaboration between the Associated Press, Everipedia (a decentralized version of Wikipedia built on the EOS blockchain), and Chainlink (a decentralized oracle network that connects data from the real world to blockchain smart contracts). Read more



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