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10 Crypto Commandments

Every year on March 9th I try to think of a different way to honor Christopher Wallace aka the King of Bed-Stuy. This year, since "everyone's over it" and "crypto is dead," I decided to flip his 10 Crack Commandments in favor of the 10 Crypto Commandments. Spit along to the classic DJ Premier instrumental below; lyrics after the jump.

[starts at 0:27]

I been in this game for years, but I don’t claim O.G./

But I learned a few things, stacked my sats[1] slowly

This is not invest advice or an exhaustive list

Crypto’s like an iceberg & this is just the tip

Rule numero uno: never let no one know, how much crypto you hold, cuz you know

The cheddar breed jealousy, haters upset; bragging on your wallet is just bad op-sec[2]/

Number 2: never sweat a five percent move; u know the crypto markets move with silence & violence

Take it from your highness- hold on for dear life buy the dip if the timing is right/

Number 3; never trust nobody, ‘specially if they down with XRP army/

Cartoon avatars might be Twitter superstars

but you could be a bot, we don’t know who you are! /

Number 4: all together now, sing along:

Not your private keys means they’re not your coins/

Number 5: don’t invest dough you can’t lose

Pay your mortgage or your rent or get your baby some shoes/

Number 6: maybe should’ve said this first

Hashtag D.Y.O.R.; do your own research/

Number 7: this rule is so underrated: keep your hot & cold wallets completely separated/

You gotta be deranged leaving stacks on exchange/

The site could get hacked and they pull a David Blaine/

Number 8; never try to catch a falling sword/

You should never make a trade cuz yo’ ass is bored

Number 9 should have been number one, for me/

Stay away from airdrops[3], or at least, be wary/

You might think it’s fly to get some coins for free/

But it’s prolly vaporware, it’s just too risky/

Number ten: share this list your best friend; it’s peer-to-peer tech, we all win in the end

The Fed be money printin’ they aint trying listen/

Buy bitcoin today to improve your position

Follow these rules you’ll have mad coins to break up/

The global monetary system due for a shake-up/

Goldman gettin fat on what the Fed bakes up/

Ain’t nobody bailing us out, ya gotta wake up!/

[1] “Sats”; short for satoshis. One bitcoin= 100 million satoshis. Most transactions involve a fraction of a bitcoin. [2] Op-sec= operational security [3] Airdrop: free coins distributed to users, often perfromed when a blockchain splits into separate chains


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