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Los Angeles Has Traffic for Container Ships, Too

There is labor dispute taking place in Long Beach, CA. The port of Los Angeles is one of the largest ports in the country, so business is impacted because containers don't get unloaded, and product doesn't get delivered, and contracts are breached, and everything grinds to a halt.

Funny things is,while local business are hampered by the negotiations, overall the slowdown isn't expected to have a noticeable effect on the nation's economy.It trips me out that despite the number of people who live in the city, the impact Angelenos have on national politics is minimal. It starts with the tragically anemic voter turnout (21% of the population "flooded "the polls to elect Garcetti in 2014), and culminates in Presidential visits to private residences where 30 lucky (wealthy) attendees out of a metro population of 14 million get to write a check to voice their opinions. The rest of us are there to be mad at the traffic.

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