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Digging a little deeper on Acorns


The crew that started the mobile app Acorns are going to be rich one day. The presentation and function of the mobile investing app Acorns is beautiful and easy to use. The most common criticism pointed out in reviews (of which this is not one) is tha tthe fees the app subtracts for investing in their particular Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) far exceed what a savvy investor would expect to pay. Acors charges $1/ per month for accounts under $5,000 and 1.5% per year for accounts over that. I'm paraphrasing. One blog proceeded to do a long math problem that I can't replicate how even that $1/ month extrapolated out 37 years into the future with a minimum subscriber base would yet a revenue of X while the average investor with a blog can expect to loss money over time after controlling for market activity (who DOES that anyway?! ) and subtracting fees and the fact that they're a peon.


But at thatpoint its not fair to compare yourself, the average investor, to a crack team of astrophysicists and Nobel laureates summoned together for the purpose of getting filthy rich. They already won. Some of us out here in these streets just want a slightly better return than what the banks are offering.

I get it though. Investing is different when there is leverage involved.

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