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Haterade Sports Science

I'm all for analytics and sabremetrics in sports, but Gatorade has gone too far. What's really good with Gatorade Sports Science Institute? Do they really believe what they're selling? I saw a guy in the gym the other day with a Bane-like breathing contraption on his face. It looked like a facemask for someone with a sleep apnea. According to Wikipedia, "when not used underwater they are referred to as industrial breathing sets. Image courtesy of tuvie.com:

In 2015 he is bold enough to wear that contraption to the gymnasium without fear of being ridiculed. Not only that, but he's wearing it becasue he blieves it is helping him in some specific way. And the way he knows this probably has something to do with some ridiuculous video that the Sports Science Institute put together, like "Sweat Testing." Seriously? Weekend warriors can be such weirdos.


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