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Glitches in the Break

Shoutout to the fine folks at Classic Trailers for making this trailer available on YouTube after an Amazon Prime glitch served me a completely different film. ROLLOVER debuted in 1981, well before the world ever met Gordon Gekko, and predicted a financial crisis. The trailer that plays on Amazon is for ROCK STAR, a 2001 film with Jennifer Aniston and Mark Wahlberg, about a cover band singer who gets discovered and joins the real band he idolizes.

Since "there are no accidents," what are we to infer from this glitch in the matrix? Is there a looming crisis in the music business? Is our reliance on digital data having an impact on our memories? Probably not. It more likely has something to do with the fact that both film titles start with R-O, and are next to each other in some massive Warner Brothers database.

Amazon tech support, when contacted, said that these technical glitches are usually cleared up as soon as someone calls their attention to them, but as of this writing the issue hasn't been corrected. [Update 2017: the correct trailers now play for both films]. To provide the soundtrack for the glitchiness of this entire episode, I recommend the sonic wonderland of Black Milk's album Glitches in the Break.


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