• Captain Obvious

Megadeth returns with new album, Dystopia

Megadeth has been added to our albums in heavy rotation with the release of Dystopia, their 15th studio album. The editorial staff at Dystopian Futurez cannot urge you enough to buy this album, as it is a potent and refreshing examination of life as we see it.

Menawhile the equity markets are off to a rocky 2016. Oil is hovering around $31/ barrel ad closed below $30 in last week's trading. The Dow is below 16,000, the S & P around 1865. Both ex and is on track for their worst month since February 2009. I agree with the voices predicting a technical recession in 2016, but thanks to Megadeth, if doomsday does come at least it will have a banging soundtrack.



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