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In Praise of Artemis

Artemis' Roman counterpart DIana de Versailles. Photo by Peter Mulligan via Flickr at the Lourve.

In Greek mythology, Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo and the daughter of Zeus and Leto. In Roman times, she's known as Diana. In both cases, she's the goddess of hunting, a virgin, among other stuff. Shes also a goddess of branding, as two strong females in popular culture have adopted the moniker Artemis.

The novels I'm talking about are Ready Player One, and Artemis. RPO is a book by Ernest Cline about a gamer in a high stakes contest based on 20th century pop culture. Artemis is a contender. It is currently a major motion picture in theaters directed by Steven Spielberg.

Artemis is a caper story with an unconventional location. It was written by the author of the Martian, Andy Weir. Rosario Dawson performs the audiobook and she totally crushes the performance. Long live Artemis!

Update: Here comes Hotel Artemis!


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