"Information about money has become almost as important as money itself."

-Walter Wriston, former CitiBank Chair & CEO, circa 1990s


Part of our corporate strategy is economic empowerment through greater implementation & adoption of the crypto-currency Bitcoin. We anticipate Bitcoin & and its underlying protocol blockchain will disrupt the established financial markets and revolutionize back office accounting.  It also provides the opportunity to educate individual investors about the machinations of the global economy. For the latest BTC news, head over to Coindesk

Book smart & Street wise.


Sunset Nice Enterprises, formerly Sunset Nice Entertainment, seeks to disseminate Claude Shannon's theories of information and communicaton in ways that serve the greater good. We also encourage and promote financial education for individual investors, and have helped business owners across the world build lasting strategic partnerships since

August 1, 2005. 



We speculate in a number of financial markets and instruments. One easily accesible tool for analyzing the financial markets is Trading View.

Two services that we highly recommend are Interactive Brokers, and, for commodities traders based in Los Angeles, Global Futures


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